A Dark Place

In love. And as you kiss the girl of your dreams, time freezes. Everything stops. Your heart pounds, the world narrows, colors change to gloom, the brilliance of the summer becomes winter. You feel cold. The kiss ends, you look at her, and you smile, reality returning back, slowly. She smiles back at you. Her eyes reflecting hope and dreams. Dreams that you cannot sustain. Hopes that crush you. And she doesn’t know that. Or, maybe she does, but refuses to acknowledge such a possibility. And you cannot fathom breaking her heart, for she is your world. But you insist on letting darkness win, on letting your life go to waste. For you have no control of the forces that guide you to the dark. The cold, unbreakable dark. But maybe you do. Maybe you need some pills to wave off the depression. Some extra pills for the crushing anxiety. You don’t know what you want. You need a clear mind. You need love; you have love; you need to sustain your love, before you lose it, forever. She sits there, looking at you, her eyes beautiful, angelic eyes returning nothing but pure bliss. Eyes that resemble the most beautiful flower you can imagine; a soft flower; a graceful one. She asks you how she can help you, and you do not know how to respond. For you do not know yourself what plagues you. She gives you a kiss, a soft, sweet kiss on your lips. You savor it. It makes you happy. But it makes you cry. For you feel that you have already lost it. Lost her. Time has passed. The moment now in the past. And fear overtakes you; terror. Worry. Worry that you will not see her again. That your life is over without her. And you weep, and you mourn. But nothing has been taken away from you. Nothing except your spirit. You will live another day to see another kiss. To feel her breath on your face. But you do not know it. You are depressed. You are anxious. You are lost. But she is there to guide you. You just have to listen to her. To allow her worldview to sip into yours; to change your mind into a mind reborn, anew. 

Let her be your guide. Live. Fight.

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