Dear Friend,

Some things are better taught in person.

I have decided to offer free coaching to anyone interested in building an analog Zettelkasten

The world of the Zettelkasten on the internet is a confusing and often contradictory one. I will help you master the method without getting lost in the noise.

There is no catch. Just email me and we will arrange a Zoom session to get you started on your Zettelkasten journey. It’s first come, first served.

About me

I am Nikolaos—a writer, student, and researcher living in New York City. My mission is to help others find meaning by helping them create and deploy knowledge creation workflows.

Your benefits

  • Understand the principles of the method.
  • Understand the three main referencing structures present in a Zettelkasten.
  • Learn how to write notes and connect them to other areas of your file.
  • Setup a bibliography and a keyword index.
  • Learn how to utilize your notes to publish essays, papers, and books.
  • Explore different workflows for managing information overload.
  • Personalize your system so that it works in synergy with your mind and goals.

After our session, you will have unlimited email support, so that all of your questions are answered.

Why do it for free?

Because I believe in the power of the method, and I want to see people succeed in their lives using it. Simple as that.

Send me an email!

Meanwhile, if you want to hear more regularly from me, you can sign up to my private newsletter: THE PANAOUSIS LETTER.

And always remember, there is nothing worse than an idle system, for that would not be a Zettelkasten but an archive.


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