Subject: The Antinet Zettelkasten

Dear Friend,

You might not even remember who I am anymore, for I haven’t posted anything in months—so I will re-introduce myself and explain to you why I am sending out this email.

My name is Nikos Panaousis, and you have probably subscribed to my email list because you read one of my articles on my website or Substack publication. I used to write about knowledge management, the Zettelkasten method, productivity, and privacy.

Then, one day, I fell ill (more about it at another time), and writing was not on my list of priorities anymore.

Well, knock on wood, I am back on my feet again, and I am I am ready to write more—but with a renewed emphasis on the Zettelkasten method as it pertains to accomplishing my, and possibly your, intellectual goals.

What to expect from me: A lot of talk about a newly published book (for which I have high praise): The Antinet Zettelkasten, by Scott P. Scheper.

Consider my upcoming emails a conversation with the book—my public annotations, critique and additions to what I anticipate to be a landmark moment in the note-taking world.

Upcoming issues will also take on the following areas: ADHD and intellectual productivity; privacy and your zettelkasten; writing in public; health and memory; creative endeavors; contemporary anxieties and how to tame them; mentorship.

So, If you are interested in learning more about the Zettelkasten method—and if you are committed to life-long learning and have a generalist attitude in life—this newsletter might be perfect for you.

In my next letter to you, we will dive into the book, and I will also introduce you to my Zettelkasten and its innerworkings.

Nikos Panaousis

P.S. Merry late Christmas and Happy Holidays!

P.P.S. Some of you who are also following Scott Scheper’s letters will undoubtedly notice the similarity in font choice and naming conventions in my emails. I want to assure you that I am not trying to replicate Scott’s content or appeal to his subscribers. The similarity arises from the fact that both Scott and I seem to be fascinated by, and inspired from, Gary Halbert, one of the greatest copywriters in the world. A few months ago, I gained access to the complete letter archive of Gary Halbert, and I have made it my mission to learn from his writing and teachings.

Do you want to receive these emails in your inbox? You can subscribe to my list by clicking here. (In my emails to you, you will also find writing that is not published in the public archive.)

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