Be the unskillful writer

I prefer a man who is unskillful, who is an awkward writer, but who has something to say, who is dealing himself one time on every page.

Ralph Keyes

Writing accompanies prestige, and, thus, fear. After all, the pen is mightier than the sword.

But it’s precisely this idea, surrounding writers and the act of writing, that scares away those aspiring to write.

For in the writer’s mind is a future self that is accomplished and remembered–revered and praised. It’s in that state of mind where dreams go to die. It’s this illusion of the writer’s identity that stops people in their tracks.

But one must focus on the present. Yes, you are an immature, unskillful, awkward writer—but one with a story to tell.

And that makes you just as relevant as any other.

Wield the pen and see where your writing takes you.

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